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Custom Research

EDCUtah's research department can provide custom research to answer your business questions.

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Examples include:

  • Operating Cost Comparison (OCC): presents a comparison of operating costs between Utah regions and other regions in the United States. 
     Sample OCC 
  • Economic Impact Analysis (EIA): provides analyses of the economic impacts of events on local economies, including the direct, indirect, and induced employment and revenue.
     Sample EI
  • Regional Economic Overview: summarizes the economics of a region, including demographics, employment, and unemployment, average wages, education levels, etc.
     Sample Economic Overview
  • Business Lists: documents location of businesses, NAICS codes, and the number of employees for custom criteria.
     Sample Business List 
  • Occupation Report: summarizes an occupation within a region, including maps, employment, wages, training concentration, etc.
     Sample Occupation Report
  • Education Report: summarizes a selected program by CIP code in a region, including awards, occupation staffing, demographics, etc.
     Sample Education Report


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The Brigham Young University Cougars began collegiate football competition in 1922, and have won 23 conference titles and 1 national title.