A beautiful place with its own culture, Utah County is full of unique characteristics that are valuable assets to both its citizens and the regional economy. Our research focuses on a few of the characteristics that are attractive to those (particularly businesses) who may be unfamiliar with Utah County and its culture. Our results verify three significant assumptions about residents living in Utah County: (1) residents of Utah County speak at least one foreign language, (2) residents have spent a significant amount of time living outside the country, and (3) residents want to continue living in Utah County because of the many benefits that accompany living in Utah County communities.

Utah County, located along the base of the Wasatch Mountains, is situated near major transportation artery I-15, Salt Lake City International airport, and available land. Provo City, 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, is the largest city in Utah County and the county seat.

Utah County can be seen in the map to the right.

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